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Your rights on an Involuntary Treatment Order

Your rights on an Involuntary Treatment Order

If you are on an Involuntary Treatment Order you may be on a form 6 which is an Inpatient Treatment Order or a form 5 which is a Community Treatment Order (CTO).

You have rights, even if you are on an Involuntary Inpatient Treatment Order and detained on a locked mental health ward. A Mental Health Advocate can visit you on the ward or call you if you are on a CTO and help you to understand those rights and enforce them.

The Mental Health Commission website has a large number of resources which set out your rights in more detail.

There are also brochures on inpatient treatment orders and community treatment orders.

Your rights include the following:

  • Right to information about your rights
  • Right to ask questions and be fully informed about any treatment offered to you
  • Right to receive a further opinion about treatment
  • Right to have your involuntary status reviewed by the Mental Health Tribunal
  • Right to be represented at a hearing before the Mental Health Tribunal
  • Right to freedom of lawful communication
  • Right to a medical examination after being admitted to a hospital
  • Right to access your medical records
  • Right to keep your personal possessions securely while you are a patient in a hospital
  • Right to an interview with a psychiatrist
  • Right to confidentiality
  • Right to nominate a nominated person
  • Right to have a treatment, support and discharge plan and be involved in the making of the plan, if you are an involuntary patient
  • Right to make a complaint to the mental health service and/or the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office if you are unsatisfied
  • Right to seek legal advice
  • Right to access the Mental Health Advocacy Service