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Mental Health Advocacy Service
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Who we can help

Mental Health Advocates can help you if you are:

  • an involuntary patient in hospital
  • someone on a Community Treatment Order (CTO)
  • someone who has been referred for examination by a psychiatrist (they must let you use a phone to call us if you are being detained)
  • a voluntary patient in hospital who is not allowed to leave because you are being detained for assessment
  • a mentally impaired accused person under the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996 (e.g. on a Hospital or Custody Order) and are detained in an authorised hospital or living in the community
  • a resident of a private psychiatric hostel.

If you are not sure if you are one of the above, call us anyway:

  • we may be able to help you
  • we can still tell you your rights or
  • we can refer you to someone else who can help.

Family, carers and other personal support persons can call us on your behalf and we will work with them if you consent.