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Mental Health Advocacy Service
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How an advocate can help

We are on your side and can help you:

  • understand and enforce your rights
  • arrange a meeting with your doctor or treating team and attend with you
  • explain your wishes to your treating team
  • get a further opinion from another psychiatrist
  • apply to the Mental Health Tribunal to review your involuntary order or other decisions made about you
  • support you in the Tribunal hearing
  • refer you to lawyers
  • get input into your treatment, support and discharge plan
  • make a complaint about the mental health service
  • get you an interpreter
  • make contact with your family or other support persons
  • We have specialist Youth Advocates and Aboriginal Advocates

We have powers under the Mental Health Act 2014 to help us advocate for you. If you don’t object, we can look at your medical file and try to get answers to questions you have about your treatment and care

Mental health services staff must answer our questions, provide us with information and help us try to resolve issues for you.