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Mental Health Advocacy Service
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Our people

The Mental Health Advocacy Service (MHAS) is created by the Chief Mental Health Advocate (the Chief). Dr Sarah Pollock is the Chief Advocate appointed by the Minister for Mental Health, Pursuant to the Mental Health Act 2014, the Chief must engage under a contract for services one or more persons to be Mental Health Advocates including a specialist Youth Advocate. The MHAS commenced operations on 30 November replacing the Council of Official Visitors which operated under the Mental Health Act 1996.

Senior Mental Health Advocates, although not separately defined in the Act, are Mental Health Advocates with the additional responsibility of carrying out functions delegated by the Chief. Mental Health Advocates primarily report to and liaise with, a Senior Mental Health Advocate. Senior Mental Health Advocates report directly to the Chief.

Mental Health Advocates visit identified persons in mental health services (for example, secure wards, psychiatric hostels, emergency departments etc) by themselves and do not work from an office but will have mental health training, support and guidance from the Chief, Senior Mental Health Advocates or other delegate.

How MHAS is organised

Most people who work in the MHAS are Mental Health Advocates and are out in the community assisting consumers. The Chief and Senior Mental Health Advocates, Manager, program coordinator, executive assistant and liaison officers primarily work in the MHAS office to support Mental Health Advocates in the field.

Mhas organisational chart
Mhas organisational chart