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Getting your voice heard

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Getting your voice heard - Know your rights

Getting your voice heard - Know your rights

29 April 2016

The Mental Health Advocacy Service brochure "Getting your voice heard - Know your rights" has been translated into a range of different languages. Click here to see more.

The Charter of Mental Health Care Principles

Our advocates promote adherence to The Charter of Mental Health Care Principles in the Mental Health Act 2014 (the Act) . Mental Health Services must make every effort to comply with the Charter and people performing a function under the Act must have regard to the principles.

Click on the link below to view the Charter of Health Care Principles, extracted from the Mental Health Act 2014.


The Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act 2014 replaces the current Mental Health Act 1996 from 30 November 2015. The Act creates new rights for consumers and carers to be more involved in decision making and treatment planning. There are also additional safeguards and expanded advocacy services to protect the rights of people experiencing mental illness.

The Mental Health Commission has a developed a number of resources to assist consumers, carers and mental health services staff. These resources can be accessed via the link below.

Mental Health Commission

People who speak languages other than English can contact us on 1800 999 057 or (08) 6234 6300 and we will arrange for an interpreter. We plan to provide information in different languages soon.